Sites Made With Drupal

Upper Rapids builds websites using the open source Drupal CMS

I’ve had the same conversation with new clients over and over. 

Initially they were quite happy with their little corner of the web. It encapsulated their business perfectly and they were proud to hang their name on it.

Yet the world kept turning and soon suddenly what was shiny and new felt ridged and limiting. 

What happened? Social media emerged as a cultural force.  Video creation become commonplace. The phones in people’s pockets became more powerful than the desktop computer you bought four years ago. 

Spanning an Evolving Web

Expectations have changed, both for you business and your web developer. 

Websites that were built as linear, graphical brochures with sound and Flash animation no longer cut it.  The world in which you could reasonable assume your visitor was sitting at their desk using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows has passed us by.  Your visitors are fragmented now. Some are on Macs, some on Windows, some elsewhere. Some are surfing from their iPhones. Some are accessing your site on a tablet.  There are people reading your content in an app like Flipboard or an RSS aggregator like Google Reader,  stripping all design from the text of your site.

Those visitors are arriving via ever-improving search engines, where results are tailored to the individual by their geographic location, their search history, and their social interactions. 

These visitors are of course social.  They share articles they find interesting and expect to have those interactive tools at their fingertips. They expect your content to not only be interesting, but organized, portable and interactive.

Your old website was great, but the culture has shifted. 

Your website should be the hub around which your online presence revolves. We believe a website designed for sharing great content is key. Check out our social media training and consulting services for more on this approach.

A Foundation For Growth

Upper Rapids builds websites using Drupal, a software package that allows you to easily organize, manage and publish your content, with an endless variety of customization.

Drupal is Open Source software maintained and developed by a community of more than 630,000 users and developers. There’s nothing proprietary about it, which means anyone is free to download, share and work on the project. 

 Why does this matter to your business? This open development model means that people are constantly working to make Drupal a cutting-edge platform that supports the latest technologies that the Web has to offer. It’s accessible, secure, and expandable.

What you can expect from a site built by Upper Rapids:

  • You’ll feel confident to log in and change text, images, videos and other content without help from us. Not that we wouldn’t help you, but you should value your independence and be able to update you site when your business requires, not on our clock. 
  • While we have some great hosting plans, you’ll have freedom to take your website and move it to a different host. It’s your site.
  • Since we develop with non-proprietary, open standards, other developers will easily be able to work on a site built at Upper Rapids. Nothing obliges you to work with us any longer than you wish to. 
  • You’ll be on a platform that zigs when the web zigs. If a weird new device with a 3 inch hexagonal screen gets popular in a few months, you can bet Drupal will adapt to it.

Too often small and medium businesses are locked in to proprietary solutions, putting them at the mercy of developers working behind closed doors, constantly reinventing the wheel, and falling out of regular communication with their clients.

You have a choice today. In an ever changing world we choose transparency, open standards, and a supportive community. You can too.

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