The Stream

Friday, December 27 2013

Which records were we blaring in the Upper Rapids offices this year? Find out in Adam's list over at Punknews.

Featuring appearances by Bad Religion, the Bronx, Careers in Science, the Courtneys, Crusades, Daniel Romano, Direct Hit!, the Flatliners, Greys, Jim Guthrie, Marine Dreams, Mind Spiders, Moon King Neko Case, Night Birds, Pissed Jeans, Pkew Pkew Pkew (Gunshots), Pup, Radioactivity, Restorations, the Sadies, Shotgun Jimmie and the Thermals. 

Wednesday, September 25 2013

Google+ continues its march to gobble up and integrate the bits of Google's family people actually use.

While as an isolated network the value proposition of investing time into Google+ is iffy, if you use other aspects of the Google product family (and you do) you'll inevitably become a Google+ user as more and more is folded into it. My best advice is you may as well go into Google+ with your eyes open and make sure it reflects the persona you actually want to present, rather than one cobbled together from your interactions elsewhere.

Thursday, July 4 2013

New work! We recently helped our partners in design at Sudbury's Bureau Group launch the new launch the new website for the CSPGNO school board(Le Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario). We're really proud of the mobile responsive version of the site, which uses Snap.js for the menu. 

Wednesday, July 3 2013

I noticed the slick CSS3 transitions on the social media icons on the DrupalCamp Toronto website and started digging into how the developer (Toronto's Substance) did that. I'm late to the game on the tool they used, Symbolset, but colour me impressed. Symbolset, a semantic symbol font, maps words to icons. It looks great on retina mobile displays, it's accessible, and performs really well. I can't wait to use it somewhere. 

Time is the great anchor that holds back small business social media strategies. It’s this that trips up well motivated individuals on both sides of the expertise gap. Those of us that get social media, that drink it up wholeheartedly and consider it very important to our personal and professional lives often still fail at setting aside adequate time to execute.

Friday, June 28 2013

Niagara area tech-community organizer Trevor Twining has set out an ambitious goal of teaching 1,000 people the fundamentals of programming before the year is out. The logisitcs of such a feat are by no means decided upon, but the conversations have begun. Why do this: tells the story of Niagara. It tells the story of how, as a community, we consistently punch above our weight class. It tells the story of how people still give a rat's ass here in Niagara and are doing awesome things despite the backseat drivers and cultural complacency plaguing the Niagara region. It illustrates the entrepreneurial core of the Region by showing that even when everyone else has given up, including many of our citizens, that we are still capable of reaching down, pulling ourselves up, and reinventing ourselves in ways that aren't possible anywhere else.

Tuesday, June 25 2013

The talk I did for Social Media Club Niagara on Tumblr and Reddit is online thanks to Mr. Jim Wall of Infinity Video Productions. I use the Nyan Cat in this one, so you know it's at least got that going for it.

Friday, May 31 2013

From the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

We need your help to save podcasting. EFF is partnering with leading lawyers to bust a key patent being used to threaten podcasters. But we need your help to find prior art and cover the filing fees for a brand new patent busting procedure... We’ve written often in the past about how patent trolls are a drain on innovation, and this latest troll is no exception. Since many podcasters barely make a profit, or simply do it for love, a shakedown from a patent troll threatens to shut down their program.


Saturday, April 27 2013

The Western New York Drupal user group got together for a mostly impromptu mini-camp at Holiday Valley resort in Ellicottville, New York on Saturday, April 27th. As part of the day's program Upper Rapids' Adam White delivered a talk comparing the Drupal Relation, EntityReference and References modules. If you're looking for the slides you can find them here.

Wednesday, February 13 2013

We're excited to help launch the second year of the Shatter The Stigma Mend The Mind campaign today with a pledge drive at Take the pledge and help combat the stigma associated with mental illness in the Niagara Region.