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Punk Social Media

We’re a little punk rock when it comes to social media. 

For over 10 years Upper Rapids lead Adam White has been a news editor, content creator and community manager for Punknews.org, one of the world's most established, respected and well-trafficked online niche music communities. 

The ideals of classic punk rock dovetail wonderfully into the social media revolution, be it the value of sweat equity, the necessity to DIY, or the absolute importance of authentic rapport building. 

Hype is for poseurs

We love talking to small business groups about the changing landscape of the Internet. It excites us that, with the cost of entry dropping, they have the tools at their disposal to build stronger relationships than their larger corporate competitors. Social media fits them like a glove, they just might not know it yet.

We’re not interested in hype. Creating and maintaing an authentic online presence isn’t easy. It’s absolutely a marathon, not a sprint. We like to balance our message about the opportunity that comes from online communication tools with a reality check about how it impacts time management, privacy, and control of branding.

We strive to balance our talks between informative, common sense conversations with a bit of dynamic, lively and humorous speaking style. If you’re looking to read 500 dry bullet points from a PowerPoint slide, go elsewhere.

Want to see a list of the talks we've given and the organizations we've worked with? Check out our speaking history.

Dynamic talks

In the Niagara region we’ve spoken to a number of business and service organizations about online trends, including the Chamber of Commerce groups, small business enterprise centers, and industry associations. We've spoken to large national industry groups such as the Canadian Digital Media Network and helped keynote the launch of grassroots efforts like DemoCamp Niagara.  As founding members of Niagara's Social Media Club we continue to strive to connect and influence as many people as we can.

Past speaking engagements have varied from hour long lunches to half day workshops to full evening classes. Typical topics requested by organizations include:

  • How an organization chooses which social media network to utilize, among Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc
  • How a small business discovers its online reputation and to use social media and blogging to manage that reputation
  • What motivates consumers to share on social media and how those motivations should be reflected by your business
  • How to establish a long term content creation calendar and find information to share on business social networks.
  • Examples of businesses and organizations in Niagara that are kicking ass with social media 

Photo: "joey ramone place, bowery, nyc" by Flavia_FF

How do you get started?

Talk to Adam by calling our offices at 905-374-2878 or connect with us on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, or Google+. If email's your thing, here's the form.